Upgrading from InfluxDB 1.x to 2.x

I followed below steps


During upgrade process influxdb will make backup copy of existing 1.x db into the home folder of the user account from where the upgrade command is run.
backup copy can be found under .influxdb

command : ls -a ~

check if you have sufficient disk spack to hold both backup copy and upgrade copy of DB, for that use below command to check the size of existing [influxdb 1.x] size.

command: du -hs /var/lib/influxdb/

considering 1.x db data is in default location. else adjust the path in above command accordingly.

Once you verified that enough disk space is available, move to next step.


stop influxdb service
command : sudo systemctl stop influxdb.service

update repository list
command : sudo apt update

install influxdb2
command : sudo apt install influxdb2

upgrade 1.x dbs to 2.x [influxdb comes with a script to upgrade existing 1.x db’s to 2.x dbs]
command : /usr/share/influxdb/influxdb2-upgrade.sh

let the command run, during starting it will ask for
admin user name
admin user password
default bucket

once that required data is given, upgrade will be done.